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Domaine Roy

Soil Collection

We've curated a unique comparative study collection in honor of Earth Month! Highlighting the distinctive soils of each of our Estate Vineyards, we invite you to discover the contrasting beauty of our Dundee Hills Iron Filbert Vineyard and Yamhill-Carlton Quartz Acorn Vineyard. The collection features one of each of the following wines from the iconic 2021 vintage:

1x 2021 Dundee Hills Incline Chardonnay

1x 2021 Yamhill-Carlton Incline Chardonnay

1x 2021 Dundee Hills Incline Pinot Noir

1x 2021 Yamhill-Carlton Incline Pinot Noir

1x 2021 Iron Filbert Vineyard Pinot Noir

1x 2021 Quartz Acorn Vineyard Pinot Noir

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